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History of MATF

1973 Madison Avenue Task Force (MATF) formed.

1970's Project selection, planning and design started.

1979 Arts Center Plaza completed and dedicated. The bronze statue, "The Ballerina, " unveiled.

1982 First of 22 historical panels placed along Madison Avenue and the riverfront.


Panels like this one can be found all along Madison Avenue. They tell the story of the city's early history and development.

1980's Intersections along Madison Avenue re- constructed to make them more pedestrian friendly and more beautiful. For example, bulbed intersections with planting space for flowers became a design concept that has been adopted elsewhere in downtown Corvallis. In addition, plazas were created at Riverfront Park, City Hall and 8th Street over the next two decades. More than 10,000 perennial flower bulbs have been planted since this time.

1987 First MATF Spring Garden Festival sponsored.

1992 The Riverfront Task Force was created with MATF members in key leadership and advisory roles. This group spearheaded the drive to improve the riverfront section of downtown Corvallis, utilizing many of the same design principles that proved so successful along Madison Avenue.


This ceramic relief called Blackberry Picker can be found in a surprising location--in an alley near Madison Avenue between 4th and 5th Streets. Look closely along the Avenue and you will see numerous art pieces which enliven the area.

1990's Art begins to be installed along Madison Avenue. Walking west from the riverfront, one can see many works of art along the sidewalks, public spaces, even the alleyways of the avenue. These wonderful additions invite people to slow down and linger.

2002 The mile-long Riverfront Commemorative Park completed.

2006 The City of Corvallis approves a conceptual master plan co-funded by OSU and MATF to continue the enhancement of Madison Avenue between 9th Street and Benton Hall on the campus.

2009 New landscaping installed on the City Hall Plaza.

2010 Re-design of the Campus-Community Connector approved by OSU and the City of Corvallis. The project will feature a pedestrian promenade along the existing median on Madison Avenue between 9th and 11th Streets.

2012 Collaborated with the City on the re-design of the 9th and Madison intersection. Worked with the Parks and Recreation Department on the refurbishment of the plaza space between The Arts Center and Cenral Park. The plaza was re- named The Arts Center Plaza and re-dedicated during the 2012 Spring Garden Festival. MATF made a substantial donation that allowed lighting to be installed on the Plaza after the project was completed.

Madison Avenue Task Force P.O. Box 1013 Corvallis, OR 97339

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