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The Gateway Walk Project

Oregon State University and the Madison Avenue Task Force have collaborated on the development of a conceptual master plan for Madison Avenue from 9th Street west to the 11th Street entrance to the campus. In addition, improvements will be made to enhance the pedestrian experience from 11th Street to Benton Hall through the Lower Campus.


The Task Force, in consultation with the University and the City, has developed a design concept plan for the median space on Madison Avenue between 9th and 11th Streets. This space--approximately five hundred feet long--will become a pedestrian walkway, called The Gateway Walk.

The vegetation currently in place will be removed and upgraded. A spacious sidewalk will be installed between dwarf boxwood hedges.

When completed, the Gateway Walk will have benches for lingering; historical plaques similar to the ones found elsewhere along Madison Avenue; and outdoor sculpture pieces. At either end of this promenade (at the 9th and 11th Street intersections), there will be small plazas featuring more seating, interpretive displays and light standards that will also bear Corvallis and OSU banners. Proceeding west along the The Gateway Walk from 9th Street, one will have an unobstructed view of the traditional entrance to the OSU campus. To the east, the view will be toward The Arts Center and downtown Corvallis. From the 11th Street plaza the view to the west will be into the beautiful OSU Lower Campus with Benton Hall beyond. To the east, one will be able to look down the entire length of the walkway toward downtown.

The concept plan for this campus-community connection has been approved by both OSU and the City of Corvallis. Detailed site plans and cost estimates have been developed. The Task Force and the OSU Foundation have launched a fundraising drive to raise the $327,500 needed to complete the project. Donations and pledges for more than 80% of this amount have already been received!! If you would like to make a donation, make out a check to MATF Gateway Walk Fund c/o OSU Foundation and mail it to:


P.O.Box 1013

Corvallis, OR 97339

Madison Avenue Task Force P.O. Box 1013 Corvallis, OR 97339

The project will replace this tangle of vegetation (below) and create a location for a wide walkway and spaces for displaying historical plaques and sculpture.


Through the magic of PhotoShop, one can imagine what the new Gateway Walk will look like. In addition to a wide walkway bordered by dwarf boxwood hedges, there will be niches or alcoves where scupltures and historical plaques will be displayed. This design will allow for a 500-foot unobstucted view along the project's entire length from 9th Street to 11th Street..


This photo of a scale model shows what the 9th and 11th Street plazas will look like when the project is completed. Each will feature seating, plantings, interpretive signs, and light standards with OSU and Corvallis banners.


Plans for the Gateway Walk will harmonize with the already completed 9th Street reconstruction project, shown below.


This photo of the north side of The Arts Center Plaza shows several light standards, some with banners. The banners work as a visual link for pedestrians who may be downtown at 5th Street looking west, and for future pedestrians at the Gateway Walk bulb at Ninth and Madison looking east. They help identify the Plaza from afar as a potentially interesting destination for pedestrians, thus bringing folks to discover The Arts Center. Completion of the light standard installation on the Plaza was made possible by a gift from MATF to the City.

. . . current brochure regarding the Gateway Walk Project:


. . . more details about the Gateway Walk Project, formerly known as the Campus Community Connection:

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